Speaking Sustainably

Shelton Group is one of the leading advertising agencies focused on sustainability. Senior leaders from the firm blog about tools, strategies and best practices in the field of green marketing.

The industry could drive entirely new revenue streams and business models by investing in charging stations. Too expensive? Think of it as a branding exercise.
Municipal recyclers say there is no demand for recycled glass. Glass processing companies say they can't get enough.

If you read our insights regularly, these three revelations won’t necessarily be a news flash:

A columnist shares her concerns about the BMW i3 electric vehicle.
Old school oil and gas company; innovative marketing approach.
Good water deeds by business could offer customers something to aspire to, according to a new survey.
Staking your business on doing good requires serious commitment.
For power providers, it starts with a more thoughtful approach to building new plants.
Energy-conscious parents are an underused group of consumers primed to prioritize sustainability.
Earth Day celebrations have evolved in tandem with corporate sustainability. It can help tell a new story about business and environmental responsibility.