View from the C-Suite

In this regular series, contributor Heather King interviews executives at some of the world's largest companies to get the inside, high-level view on what the greening of mainstream businesses looks like.

Head of the consumer electronics retail giant discusses advances in energy management, working with suppliers to reuse 183 million pounds of recycled parts, and the opportunity to take a leading role in electric vehicle market.

The head of the global healthcare giant discusses the tie between personal and planetary health, the unique challenges of medical product reuse, and the impact of Kaiser's new supply-chain scorecard.


Heather King talks with the CEO of the Netherlands' life sciences and materials sciences giant about the importance of biotech to sustainability, second-generation bio fuels, and the 'green legacy' of Dutch companies.

Heather King talks to the CEO of the U.S.'s largest publicly traded water utility about the tie between energy and water, finding value in wastewater and the irony of our $21 billion-per-year bottled water habit.

We look back at a year's worth of in-depth interviews with CEOs from MillerCoors, Virgin America and more.

The outgoing and incoming CEOs of the iconic brand discuss the legacy of sustainability in the food industry, how Millennials are shifting the company's focus, and why they changed the "M'm! M'm! Good!" slogan.

Ryan discusses the broadening sustainability focus in the heavy manufacturing market, Grainger's catalogue of 8,000-plus "environmentally preferable" products, and how product innovations like automatic paper towel dispensers yield surprising energy, waste and labor savings.’s Heather King talks with Autodesk CEO Carl Bass about how design software helps advance building and product efficiency, the company’s "investment" in clean tech, and their drive to teach kids like Max and Maya in Oakland, Calif. how to build anything better.

The head of the U.S.-based airline talks about the imperatives for greening the airline industry, Sir Richard's impact, and how algae-based fuels could be a game-changer for the industry's carbon footprint.

The head of building materials giant talks about the link between fiberglass and carbon reduction, innovations in blades for wind energy, and how Owens Corning uses 1 billion pounds of curbside recycling to insulate our attics.