The Walmart Chronicles

This ongoing series, created in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund chronicles the nonprofit's ongoing work with the world's largest retailer, and shines a light on what "The Walmart Effect" means for the environment.
The series will take a close look at what Walmart is doing to reduce its environmental impacts, and how its partnership with the EDF is critical to making it happen. 

Is Walmart more hype than reality? The Gartner Hype Cycle provides one lens to answer that question.

The coalition's creative collaboration model is tacking the biggest problems in corporate sustainability, and in the process developing a way to create truly sustainable consumer goods.

When working with the world’s largest retailer, you come to expect the unexpected. But what’s truly exciting is to help drive the unexpected.

Walmart's zero-waste program has diverted millions of tons of materials, such as aluminum, plastic and food waste from landfills, scoring points for avoiding incineration to convert waste to energy.

Two years ago, Walmart set a 2012 goal for its top 200 factories in China to achieve 20 percent greater energy efficiency. Is the effort running out of steam?

In the first of an ongoing series of articles, we give voice to EDF's sustainability work with Walmart, and offer inside perspectives on what it's like to work with the world's largest retailer on its environmental impacts.