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The GreenBiz Circularity Network (GBCN) is a membership-based, peer-to-peer learning forum that brings together circular economy professionals from the world’s largest companies to increase the impact of game-changing initiatives. GBCN’s unique combination of expertly-facilitated meetings and resource-sharing enables members to benefit from the insights of their peers across a range of topics and sectors.

Beyond access to member-directed meetings and independent research, GBCN members gain valuable exposure to this diverse and insightful network of peers from the world’s leading companies and brands. GBCN discussions, research and activities are uniquely determined by the members themselves, based on their questions, interests and needs.

Features and Benefits

In-Person Meetings 

GBCN offers two in-person meetings per year, organized and facilitated by GreenBiz. Meetings are member-driven, confidential and limited in size to ensure robust, interactive discussions. Each meeting is hosted by a different member company, offering a variety of locations and unique tour opportunities. 

Virtual Conversations 

Each month we host a zoom-based meeting. These conversations either center on network member requests, or bring in an outside expert to present and facilitate a deep-dive discussion on a wide range of topics. 

Peer-to-Peer Forum

A moderated email forum allows leaders tasked with circular economy initiatives to anonymously pose questions directly to their peers at other organizations.


Members have access to an online repository of meeting notes, presentations, recorded zoom meetings and third-party resources.This includes data captured across the member network on topics such as lists of vendors that members recommend, best practices across a range of initiatives and lessons learned.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who Should Join?

The GreenBiz Circularity Network (GBCN) has been developed to provide an opportunity for professionals who focus on circular economy in their careers to meet with peers to gain guidance and insight for better decision-making. GBCN members are those responsible for corporate strategy and implementation around the shift to a circular economy.


Is membership open to anyone?

GBCN members are typically practitioners responsible for their company’s strategy in the circular economy. Only practitioners with internal-facing circularity or sustainability-related roles may participate in the group at this time and any company with revenue greater than 1 billion is eligible to join.


What kinds of companies should participate?

GBCN membership includes both learning and leadership companies from across a wide range of business sectors. Extending membership to a broad range of companies fosters innovation and provides insights and perspectives on sustainability as a competitive advantage.


What are the benefits of joining?

Unlike traditional industry events, member meetings are designed to be participative, member-led, and highly interactive. GBCN provides you with the best current thinking on circularity in the corporate setting. The topics, research, and activities undertaken by the network are determined by the members themselves, based on their questions, interests, and needs.


What do members find most useful?

As this membership group is a new offering within GreenBiz, we lean heavily on what we’ve learned from the GreenBiz Executive Network since its inception. In-person meetings consistently receive the highest ratings. Members also prefer the way in which the teleconferences focus on a specific departmental theme (such as purchasing, supply chain, energy management, financial risk, HR, marketing and other functions) and the ability to have an unlimited number of their associates participate in the teleconferences. Member-led research, access to the member directory, and facilitated outreach to get immediate feedback to member questions are also highly rated.


What kind of commitments are members expected to make?

GBCN meetings provide a forum for members to discuss strategies and leadership issues with their peers. GBCN events are held in-person two times per year, with locations varying from meeting to meeting. Members are encouraged to be active participants in all GBCN activities in order to get the most value from the network, but there are no minimum requirements to membership.


"I know first-hand the Importance of sharing  best practices across sectors and learning from peers — having participated in the GreenBiz Executive Network as a sustainability leader over the last several years. The GreenBiz Circularity Network will provide that same opportunity for our members. Since many circular economy practitioners are the first in their companies to ever hold that role, it is critical to exchange knowledge, lessons and challenges as we continue to build circularity."

Request More Information

Membership is available to corporations with revenues greater than $1 billion and is currently not available to service providers, universities, NGO’s, or the media. Please fill out the form and more information on the Circularity Network will be sent to you.

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