Buildings & Facilities

Can we transform the durability, healthy and sustainability of afforable housing?
How long homes can maintain the last comfortable temperature during extreme weather can make the difference between life and death.
The backstory on how the Butter Solar Project spreads solar across the Midwest.
State pension funds, religious institutions and major philanthropic foundations are calling for action, inspired by the urgency of the climate crisis and the potential for future returns.
What is private capital doing to move fusion energy from a promising idea to a commercial reality?
Many questions remain, including what technologies will play a role and the projected price tag.
Featuring chats with Shell executives Brian Davis and Harry Brekelmans. Also on this episode, we chat about corporate and employee activism.
The record second quarter of 2019 saw deals inked to add over 2.8 gigawatts of capacity and 490-gigawatt hours (GWh) annually to corporate energy portfolios.