Buildings & Facilities

Addressing the consumption implications of data centers, routers, servers and software coding techniques should be a hotter topic.
In this episode, an excerpt from this week's webcast about new GreenBiz research on the future of the sustainability profession. Plus, the second it our series on champion of clean energy equity.
It's time to redefine the concept of leadership to recognize strategies that have a more holistic impact on the overall electric grid.
At Climate Week, a reminder to prioritize energy reductions over renewables purchases.
Also featured: A dialogue about public-private innovation in water security with the World Economic Forum's water project lead, Callie Stinson.
How the Renewable Thermal Collaborative is advancing solutions, such as those being embraced by L'Oreal.
A new report shows financial success for businesses leading in renewables, but it's unclear if they're already market leaders or if it's due to their climate-friendly policies.
Meeting global climate challenges will require every tool we have. Energy efficiency is many packed into one.
State governments are stepping in to create an infrastructure to recover the useful materials from the panels.