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Renewable electricity will account for much of our supply by 2040. Policymakers believe we must act more quickly to decarbonize existing industries.
For companies to succeed as water stewards, they need a new generation of targets based on local context and guided by the best available science.
Google, Philips and George Washington University are pioneering joint renewable energy deals that could open the field to more small and mid-size players.
Platform business models have redefined the modern economy. Next, it may redefine the electric utility sector through DSOs and DERs.
Half of America’s Fortune 500 companies have set climate and clean energy goals. They're collectively saving at least $3.7 billion annually by doing so.
Economics and corporate behavior have changed the energy landscape for good. Google, H&M, Nestle and Walmart jumped on. Will you follow?
No more mining: Apple aims to use 100 percent recycled materials to make its iPhones, Macbooks and other electronics products in the future.
Cannabis companies are hiring agriculture experts to grow newly legal businesses, but pitfalls such as organic labeling and big energy bills loom large.
The SDGs still face a big challenge: providing universal access to modern energy services and doubling energy efficiency and renewable energy.