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A closely watched prototype from startup L03 Energy has transformed a local neighborhood into a test hub for trading power locally.
States are betting on battery storage facilities, such as Tesla and PGE, to even the flow of renewable power and replace the fossil fuel-based grid.
Trump's administration wants to eliminate the program, along with other long-standing initiatives aimed at motivating energy efficiency and clean power investments.
In a twist on the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, might observers have cared more about losing it than they did about signing it?
Even if you agree that the U.S. should move to renewable power, how quickly can it be done and what will it take?
The Lone Star state is showing how green building leadership ripples out from the big cities to small towns.
There still may be some room for collaboration between Hawaii and Washington.
So far, the tech giant has helped eight companies move toward solar and wind power. The latest commitment, by Jabil, represents the largest pledge yet.