Buildings & Facilities

Richard Northcote, chief sustainability officer at the chemicals giant, proves it's not the size of the carbon reduction, but what you do with it, that counts.
Other big companies should emulate the tech giant’s focus on helping suppliers get there, too.
The yieldco and asset-backed security models could both be highly relevant.
Blockchain has enabled transactions from solar energy credits to paying drivers and cutting costs for participants in ride-sharing programs.
Both grid-scale and commercial installations are gaining favor as the industry seeks ways to reduce outages and integrate new electric loads such as renewable power plants and EVs.
An emerging strategy is drawing companies to red states that previously were not particularly renewables-friendly.
In this week's edition, we explore the controversy over vehicle emissions standards, effective employee engagement and the ongoing quest for net-zero energy buildings.
Christian Grey of The Conscious Builder makes homes that are cheaper to operate, better for the environment and healthier for families.
The move is hailed as "hugely significant" given China's position as largest building construction market in the world.