Circular Economy

Informal waste workers have long managed the waste of the South, for whom new forms of collectives offer new hope, while the gig economy threatens to de-formalize waste management in the North.
The luxury automaker is using circular practices to cut out costs and emissions from its manufacturing processes.
The partnership has created another income source for Haitians and potentially a lower carbon footprint for HP.
Products made from embedded CO2, from soap to fuels to vodka, are great examples of the circular economy in action.
Algramo was one of more than 60 startups delivering finalist pitches for the latest series of challenges issued as part of MIT Solve.
The organizers are striving to build a platform where virtually anyone can share ideas and best practices about urban design, workforce development, manufacturing, food production and more.
It took more than three years of experimentation with industrial byproducts to hit on the right formula.
Although the global economy is increasingly wrapped in plastic, companies of all sizes are dramatically reducing their use of it.