Circular Economy

The practical applicability of many high-tech solutions in emerging economies, as well as a wealth of existing activity, have not been well explored, according to a new report from researcher Chatham House.
There's a variety of solutions and innovations to solve them — but key players are missing among the problem-solvers.
Our circular economy analyst on the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit, a seaside session with companies, NGOs, waste management firms and innovators.
Plastic production runs on natural gas — and both pose dangers to the public.
A new project can help empower local communities to take recycling into their own bins.
Yes, the system is under pressure but municipalities like New York and Minneapolis have figured out ways to find value in their recycling streams.
Plus, some practical ideas for achieving them.
Consumers love a shiny new object — how can a reuse model replace that relationship?
Plus, why Republican Bob Inglis, a former representative for South Carolina, has made it his mission to educate conservatives about the economics of climate change.