Circular Economy

The transition will require people to work together across companies and sectors, using skills such as empathy, craftsmanship and ingenuity.
The circular economy has been limited by the lack of metrics to understand the current linear system, measure progress over time and contextualize circularity within global boundaries.
Plus, what do consumers think of the circular economy? ING executive Anne van Riel offers some perspective.
The initial headline-grabbing pledges to phase out single use plastic may have become old news, but the new normal is seeing hundreds of companies quietly advance their plastic reduction strategies.
Some batteries designed for transportation applications may have the opportunity to be recovered and reused for another purpose before even reaching the stage of recycling.
For some industries, rising consumer demand and expectations are a clear driver. In others, there's regulatory pressure.
We debate progress on Loop's reusable packaging initiative and geek out over five hot technologies for cold trucking.
Getting empty containers back to TerraCycle for processing takes weeks, if not months, in the current online commerce model.