From e-bikes to light rail, East Coast to West Coast, policies and plans are making municipalities more sustainable.

There’s a battle raging over the ownership of PG&E Corp., one of the nation’s largest utilities, with cities, hedge fund managers and even customers all in the running.

It's not just about growing more food and using fewer inputs. It's also about creating local, adaptive food systems that can withstand the effects of climate change.
National and local policies are fostering a building boom and intersecting with decarbonization goals.
Don’t forget the economy in the circular economy.
Conservation is the foundation upon which all of our sustainable water management strategies are based.
Current mandates aren't enough and states need to scale up their efforts. Federal government also needs to support local efforts.
Plus, shared stewardship may increase social cohesion and promote community development.
From urban density to energy-efficient appliances, cutting emissions and making money has never made more sense.