The software company's strategic investment in Factory OS includes goals for impact metrics such as waste reduction, jobs creation potential and how the collaboration can stimulate the development of more affordable housing.
The impacts of extreme weather events and natural disasters are felt for more years than most people think.
A California bill, a newly launched foundation and a city-friendly acquisition are all pieces of an evolving landscape that could determine the future of how private mobility providers and cities will work together to share and use data.
It’s time to dig deeper and think bigger, advise experts at Circularity 19.
Imagine, a city where the residents and commuters wouldn't need to own cars.
It can tell us how a big city ticks — including where suitable housing and jobs are, and how best to get to them.
Let's send community cleanup days to the trash heap.
Simpler fare structures, apps that integrate public transit and private transportation services are at the center of the roadmap.