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A Q&A with Geospiza cofounder Sarah Tuneberg about the innovative risk assessment platform and its commitment to driving resilience for communities, enterprises and the globe.
Sponsored: Danone, General Mills, Barry Callebaut and Braskem accelerate climate action through nature-based solutions.
Mining information about what people want and what they buy (as well as when and why they buy) can lead to surprising innovations that can have far-reaching effects.
Sponsored: Discussions on the benefit of blockchain in fashion supply chains have risen in recent years. Is blockchain technology the solution to opaqueness in the fashion industry?
A Q&A with the global head of sustainability for the stock tracker.
Take the case study of decision-makers in the energy industry facing two major uncertainties: oil price volatility and climate change.
It can tell us how a big city ticks — including where suitable housing and jobs are, and how best to get to them.