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Sponsored: From Fitness trackers to smart socks, these innovations bring lots of promise — but also environmental challenges.

As world population increases, so does the consumption of resources as economies expand. Without arguing about whether some or all of these resources are finite, it is clear to many that to the extent we can recover material which has become waste after its initial use, the more likely we are to sustainably carry out those activities of consumption in the years to come.

These five videos bridge the divide between science fiction and our transportation reality.
The new cloud-based company promises savings up to millions of dollars. But for starters, the upfront investment is minimal.
Leading by example and linking up with utilities are among the strategies cities are deploying.
Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, recently added another healthy dose of renewable energy to its portfolio.
Switch SuperNAP and Digital Realty prioritize renewables, as the industry looks beyond efficiency.
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