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Organizations such as NY Green Bank offer new ways to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. But concern lingers over how the Trump administration will impact demand.
In this week's episode: Trump postpones Paris exit; businesses push for Energy Star and combine purchasing power through a renewable buyer's alliance.
The federal government's marquee energy-efficiency program has enough funds to last through September. After that, its future is uncertain.
Last year, 66.4 quads of energy, or more than two-thirds of the total energy consumed, was rejected or given off as waste heat.
Market forces are stronger than ever in recognizing and capturing the opportunities around climate-responsible architecture design practices.
No more mining: Apple aims to use 100 percent recycled materials to make its iPhones, Macbooks and other electronics products in the future.
Cannabis companies are hiring agriculture experts to grow newly legal businesses, but pitfalls such as organic labeling and big energy bills loom large.
Sponsored: From Fitness trackers to smart socks, these innovations bring lots of promise — but also environmental challenges.