As demand for renewable electricity surges, so too does demand for efficient, safe and sustainable storage
From urban density to energy-efficient appliances, cutting emissions and making money has never made more sense.
Climate change is an intersectional issue, and cities are beginning to treat it that way in adaptation strategies.
The current ordinance will have a very narrow impact on developers, but it is encouraging other cities to move forward. Meanwhile, companies are taking electrification into their own hands.
Including a national clean energy standard.
Installations covering municipal and rural county critical facilities, especially fire stations and water districts, are an important first step.
As renewable energy sources move mainstream, electricity generation and distribution systems are getting an extreme makeover.
To avoid sticker shock on your utility bill, you must move to a managed charging model for your EV or hybrid fleet.
"The right change for the wrong reasons brings no guarantees," writes ecologist Alejandro Frid.