Energy & Climate

The latest crop of reports you need to read (or at least scan).
It cost $70 million per mile to replace the Rockaway Beach dunes and walkway destroyed by Superstorm Sandy five years ago, a project emblematic of forward-thinking coastal development.
From supply chain transparency to financial reporting, the business of buying things is rife with both sustainability challenges and opportunities.
Cargill, Thai Union Group among "keystone companies" with about $30 billion in revenue pledging to fight illegal fishing, plastic pollution and climate change.
The economic benefits of restoring degraded or deforested land are an estimated $84 billion, roughly the entire gross domestic product of Sri Lanka in 2015.
A look at the myriad ways municipalities can make a dent in emissions by rethinking transportation.
A new incubator from the Arizona State University and the city of Phoenix finds ways for both public and private organizations to overhaul waste.
Connecting the dots for better insights and solutions is difficult because the relevant information is often siloed, but cognitive technology can help humans find patterns and interconnections.