Energy & Climate

Harness the fact that change is constant to create jobs, bolster our economy and improve our lives.
Satellite data shows forests in retreat. If the carbon encased in just fir trees is released, our warming blanket of carbon dioxide would turn to an overheating quilt.
In this week's episode: Climate change's $535 trillion debt; connecting health and human capital; does "An Inconvenient Sequel" live up to the hype?
Graham Ross, CEO and co-founder of Kusaga Athletic, has run the world from Brisbane to the Great Wall in China in a quest to disrupt the sports apparel industry.
Big companies are breaking new ground by measuring and reporting their chemical footprints. What steps can your business take?
The debate about communicating apocalyptic climate risks misses the point: The only way to combat their terror is by committing fully to climate action.
With the potential to cut a gigaton of carbon, it’s time to take a hard look at sustainable mining.
Energy storage is just one hot spot of innovation that IFC recommends watching.
The service, based on RMI's WattTime, tracks the carbon dioxide, sulphur and other atmospheric-polluting emissions produced by specific power plants.