Mission-driven companies are trying to tackle systemic challenges in sustainability with electrification, renewable energy, biomaterials and data management software.
How do you add 9 gigawatts of solar and wind in the next three years? You turn to corporate buyers, universities, hospitals and cities to commit to at least half that capacity.
As more companies commit to reduce their climate impacts, they must deliver on their promises to numerous stakeholders. Tech is a tool to help them.
Data shows the green economy grew by over $60 billion per year between 2013 and 2016.
In order to prepare for more climate disruption, the United States and others will have to "raise unprecedented amounts of money to cope with the impacts of climate change."
Communities and businesses, not just aging utilities, have solutions. It’s time to change antiquated policies and regulations that stand in the way.
When the lights stop working and communities and businesses grind to a halt, people understand what it means to be powerless.
Entities are looking more closely at microgrids and other technologies as a solution.
A greenprint, if you will, for nationwide decarbonization.