Supply Chain

Certification and labeling schemes are important for diversifying the investor base, clarifying market signals and responding to investor demands.
Most central banks in Asia already believe they should help to promote green bonds and other low-carbon initiatives.
There have generally been three waves of logistics problems that have emerged alongside the novel coronavirus outbreak. Analytics and artificial intelligence are helping solve them.
Spoiler: Local teams will become increasingly important.
Here's a hint: it's because one follows the other.
Sponsored: Technology can play a critical role in identifying risk and accelerating progress to reduce cocoa-related deforestation in Africa.
If the Big Three institutional investors vote "For" a climate proposal, odds are the company that received the proposal will take action to address the issues raised.
It takes a global pandemic — and subsequent ordered and self-imposed quarantines — to really expose just how dependent societies are on mobility and transportation.
The U.N. Global Compact is issuing a special appeal for a corporate response to the pandemic: For all companies to take collective action.