The company said it aims to become the world market leader in e-mobility in the coming years.
Sponsored: Cleantech is positioned to take center stage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with good reason: extreme weather events spanning from wildfires to unseasonably early winter storms are showing consumers and businesses alike that waiting for government action is no longer an option.
This next decade is crucial for the transition away from gasoline, and electric vehicle makers and climate-minded politicians are not going far enough.
Industry body insists it has 'definitely got the memo' on the need for urgent climate action.
This is leadership for the climate and for mobility.
City greenzones. V2G schoolbuses. Electric trucks. There's a lot in store for the next year in mobility.
Electric vehicle manufacturers, governments and every entity in between have roles to play.
The transportation tectonics are shifting — and everything from software to sensors to machine learning are offering new opportunities.
Policies to promote innovation and prevent pollution can help consumers and move the auto industry towards new progress.