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General GreenBiz Support Inquiries

To contact the GreenBiz Support team, please fill out this form and let us know what kind of support you need.



To send a press release, share a story idea or suggest a contributed article or essay to our editorial team, please email [email protected]. (Send press releases via e-mail as text files or embodied in e-mail messages.)

If we're interested, a member of our team will contact you within a week. Because of the high volume of unsolicited messages we receive, it is impossible for us to respond to all of them. 

Please note our editorial guidelines (see below), which apply to all of our sites, publications and properties.


Public Relations

To contact our PR department, please email [email protected].


Advertising and Event Sponsorship

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GreenBiz Group Office

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GreenBiz Editorial Guidelines

The Big Picture: We are a business-to-business media company, focusing on corporate sustainability practice and strategy. Our goal is to help professionals in mainstream companies be more effective help their organizations by cutting costs, reducing risk, enhancing quality, improving reputation, tapping new business opportunities, improving lives and generally creating value.


Target Audience: Senior leaders in large corporations. Some have “environment” or “sustainability” in their titles, but many don’t. They come from operations, HR, marketing, purchasing, facilities, real estate, fleets, finance, etc. Their firms are driven by hardcore business goals as much as by sustainability ones, and they’re seeking to align the two.


Tone: First and foremost, it should be your own, whatever that is. In general, we want to be friendly, professional, authoritative, opinionated. Feel free to write in the first person and address the audience directly. Talk up to the audience, not down. Address topics at both the high level — overarching trends and context — and the ground level — the realities of life in the trenches. Be brutally honest, don’t sugarcoat, but be positive and empowering.


What We Want: Both shorter (500-800 word) and longer (800-1,200 word) pieces across a range of topics. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Stories of companies or initiatives — your own or others
  • Insights into business process, operations, or technologies
  • Profiles or Q&A with business leaders or thought leaders
  • Empirical research from within your own company or across several companies
  • Personal observations, insights and experiences, e.g. “What I’ve learned” or “How I got my job”
  • Advice and how-to pieces
  • Questions/challenges to the audience to which you intend to follow up or respond


Our Mantra: The “what” of sustainable business is interesting, but the “how” and the “why” is where the value lies. That’s what makes a story a GreenBiz story.


What We Don’t Want: Technical or scientific debates; politics, except to the extent it directly affects business strategy; reviews of consumer products; rants; repurposed press releases; or outright flackery, whether of yourself or others. (Note that this is not a definitive list.)


Our Filter: We continually ask ourselves the simple but brutal question: “So what?” That is, now that someone has read your piece, what did they learn? (A good gut check is whether they would forward it to friends or colleagues.) If it doesn’t have some kind of takeaway, implicit or explicit. it’s probably not worth reading — or writing.


Transparency: Credibility is key to the GreenBiz brand. If you’re connected to whatever you’re writing about, that’s fine, as long as readers know. Therefore, it is essential that any material relationship be disclosed — for example, if the subject is a client or employer (or yourself). Please honor in both letter and spirit. If you’re not sure, ask.


Exclusivity: We give priority to content that is exclusive to us. Of course, you’re always welcome to promote it through your website and social media and link back to us.


— Joel Makower, Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group


To pitch an excerpt for our Saturday book column, please contact [email protected]. The book should address a timely topic on sustainability and have been published no earlier than 2016. Please suggest a section of the book (approximately 800 to 1,800 words) and provide a link to the publisher's page. We will respond if we are interested in publishing the excerpt.