The State of Green Business 2012 - The Good News and Bad

The fifth annual edition of our State of Green Business report continues our efforts to measure the environmental impacts of the emerging green economy. We document how well -- or poorly -- companies are improving their environmental performance despite the challenges posed by the Great Recession, and begin to note promising signs for change in corporate sustainability efforts.

The free, downloadable report measures the progress of U.S. business and the economy from an environmental perspective, and highlights key trends in corporate culture in regard to the environment.

In this hour-long webcast, you will hear from Joel Makower, Executive Editor at GreenBiz Group. He will introduce the report and this year’s findings. You will receive access to the report during the webcast.

This year's report both good news and bad: While companies continue to think bigger and longer-term about sustainability, even during economically challenging times, the overall improvement of environmental impacts is slowing, or even reversing. For the first time since launching the report in 2008, we’ve seen a downturn in several indicators.

At the same time, there are some significant trends taking place in business. Among them:

  • More companies are engaging their Chief Financial Officers in sustainability, as they recognize the potential for environmental issues to affect risk, investments, and even mergers and acquisitions
  • After years of talking the talk, more attention is being paid to sustainable consumption by mainstream companies
  • “Big data” — vast data streams coming from everything from cities to satellites — is creating rich opportunities for companies to improve efficiencies and reduce impacts
  • Sustainable cities is becoming a center of activities, with big implications for companies
The report follows on the in-depth daily editorial output of, tracking the big-picture sustainability trends that corporations are adopting, while also digging in to hard data to measure whether or not those companies, and the U.S. as a whole, are making any real progress.

The 2012 report is the centerpiece of GreenBiz Group’s GreenBiz Forums. The one-day events will take place in Minneapolis on January 19, New York on January 24, and San Francisco on January 30.
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