2017 Waste Management Executive Sustainability Forum

The Seventh WM Executive Sustainability Forum will provide a platform to discuss goals: The desire to protect our planet is stronger than ever. At the same time, finding effective ways to achieve bold recycling goals is tougher than ever. Perhaps it’s time to rethink our current goals and collectively seize the opportunity to chart a bigger, broader, bolder course forward. We invite you to join us at the 2017 Waste Management Sustainability Forum as we explore many of these important questions, and more. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful conversation and for all participants to come away with ideas and partnerships to build upon.

Please join us at 8:15 am online, via a live streaming webcast, to participate first hand in the interactive exchange around this year’s theme, “Coming Full Circle: What’s The Right Goal?”

Follow along with our agenda and join in the conversation live by sending us your comments and questions via Twitter (#SustainForum) throughout the day.

Program schedule may be subject to change

8:15 AM
Welcome: Barry Caldwell, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Chief People Officer, Waste Management

8:30 AM

Panel: Dana Perino, former Republican White House Press Secretary and now co-host of The Five on Fox News Channel.

Julie Roginsky, Democratic party strategist and regular Fox News channel contributor

9:15 AM

Keynote: Jim Fish, President and CEO, Waste Management

10:15 AM

Although e-commerce is a small portion of the overall retail industry, last year it grew by a whopping 14%, compared to 1.5% growth for traditional retail. And growth in online sales is expected to outpace traditional retail in upcoming years as demographics change.

The e-commerce distribution chain is much different from retail’s brick-and-mortar distribution chain, and the unique needs of e-commerce has led to shifts in shipping and packaging materials. This panel will discuss changing consumer trends, packaging changes and the impact on the recycling industry.

11:15 AM

Coffee pods, zip lock plastic bags, laminated pouches. Consumers love them, are using more of them - and want to recycle them. However, studies show that consumers feel good when they recycle their “waste” packaging. Brands want their customers to feel good about their products, are determined to get their product packaging into the recycle bins, and have developed aggressive goals to do so. What are the practical realities of and gaps between what we want versus logistical limitations of material recovery facilities, current commodity markets, and what customers are willing to pay for recycling? What are the “right” environmental goals? How can meaningful product design and new technologies help meet those goals?

12:15 AM

Closing Remarks

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Waste Management