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Speaking at the 2011 GreenBiz Innovation Forum

GreenBiz 2011 Innovation Forum

Overview: The GreenBiz Innovation Forum is an annual, invitation-only event for senior executives in mainstream companies seeking to understand how innovation happens in large companies, and the opportunities at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. It takes place each fall in San Francisco. You can learn more at

Audience: Roughly 300 people, about two-thirds from large companies. They boast a range of titles and functions, including sustainability, R&D, product innovation, marketing, operations, and supply chain. They already have some grounding in sustainability in general and environmental issues in particular, but are motivated primarily by their desire to create new business opportunities for their companies: new products, processes, markets, and business models. The balance of the audience are from smaller firms, NGOs, and academe.

Program: This isn’t your typical talking-head event. Morning plenary programs feature three types of sessions, none of which are speeches or traditional panel format:

  • Keynote Interviews — one-on-one interviews with CEOs and other leading figures.
  • One Great Idea — individual, 12-minute presentations (à la TED Talks) by innovators sharing a breakthrough, achievement, insight or other “great idea” that is as inspiring as it is informative (and maybe a little entertaining).
  • Hands-On — facilitated group sessions that allow participants to experience in small groups an innovation framework or technique they can take back to their jobs.

Afternoon sessions include workshops that focus on tangible knowledge and skills. Workshop faculty come from a range of disciplines, but all are experts in their field.

Who we want: While we are open to speakers from all disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives, we give high priority to senior executives from large companies — that is, to people who mirror our primary audience. We are less interested in consultants, marketing gurus, or other service providers. We also give preference to speakers who can attend most or all of the event, as opposed to those who parachute in and out.

Submissions: Send a one-page proposal, with the topic, a brief outline, a few sentences about the speaker, and contact information, to [email protected]. We will contact you if we are interested in more information. There is no formal submission period. We take proposals throughout the year, though we typically review proposals and select speakers June through August.

Deadline to submit speaker nominations: July 31, 2011

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