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Elevate Your Impact Through Regenerative Leadership

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Caring for yourself is the first step in guiding your company toward nature restoration.

Sustainability practitioners are rapidly approaching a dangerous state of depletion. Fifty percent are reporting burnout and 61 percent are working longer hours, according to the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals April survey. No matter which side of this statistic you represent, it’s time to prioritize personal well-being to sustain the effectiveness and longevity of your professional leadership. 

This workshop offers a rapid, guided leadership journey with talks, tools and exercises to relight, rewild and recenter your leadership approach. Takeaways will include: 1) centering yourself on your core purpose and identity; 2) linking your purpose to nature and humanity; and 3) understanding how to “be” a regenerative being. 


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