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Where Biodiversity Meets the Bottom Line

Oct 24 - 25, 2023
San Jose Convention Center

Bloom 23 is the leading event for professionals advancing strategies to protect and regenerate nature. Over the course of two interactive days, it creates essential connections between companies, innovators and experts from leading organizations and indigenous groups. By participating, you'll get to explore the markets, technologies and partnerships key to addressing the climate and biodiversity crises hand-in-hand. 

While climate change has been front and center for today’s business world, an equally existential crisis is confronting the global economy: the accelerating loss of biodiversity and ecosystems. Increasingly, business leaders and policymakers are recognizing that the two crises are inextricably linked — that solving each requires solving both — and they are moving to take decisive action.

At Bloom 23, more than 500 professionals will convene for two days of inspiring sessions and networking to advance strategies to protect and regenerate nature.


"We need business leadership to understand and address their impacts and dependencies on nature, and to help halt and reverse nature loss so we can build a nature positive future. Bloom will provide a platform for the critical conversations and collaborations that will allow us to act at the pace and scale needed."

Senior Vice President, Private Sector Engagement
WWF - ‎World Wildlife Fund

"We are in a race against time, and the private sector has a critical role now to turn risk into opportunity at speed and scale. We need all innovators, disruptors and ecopreneurs on deck for nature and climate."

VP, Climate Action

"As Indigenous Peoples, we think long term, and we try to do what we think is going to be best in the long term. I look forward to participating in Bloom to help other stakeholders understand how to respect Indigenous Peoples' jurisdictions and invest in their knowledge."

Managing Director, Canada
Nature for Justice
Theresa Lieb

"Biodiversity has quickly become a hot topic for companies and investors. At Bloom 23, the flourishing group of nature-focused business leaders will come together with policymakers, entrepreneurs, Indigenous groups and other key stakeholders to transform rising awareness into real progress."

Sr. Director, Nature and Food Systems

Featured Speakers


Erin Billman

Science Based Targets Network


Troy Carter

Earthshot Labs

Jessica McDougall Headshot

Jessica McDougall


Rajat Panwar

Rajat Panwar

Oregon State University

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