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InterContinental Cali

Avenida Colombia # 2-72 Cali 760044 Colombia

The InterContinental Cali hotel is located in the vibrant EL Peñon neighborhood and is walking distance from many dining options, salsa bars, and parks. Explore nearby neighborhoods, such as San Antonio, San Cayetano, and Granada to experience the local cuisine, shopping, and history.

COP16 will occur at Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico, which is approximately 25 min away (by car) from the InterContinental Hotel.


Recommended Accommodations

For a list of nearby accommodations, please refer to the official COP16 hotel catalog.

Transportation Around the City

The local taxi service and rideshare apps, such as Uber and EasyTaxi, are recommended for commuting around Cali. 


Things To Do

Visit Cultural Sites

Salsa Dancing

  • Delirio (A unique salsa show)
  • La Topa Tolondra
  • Zorro Azul
  • Zaperoco

Nature and Hikes

Street Food to Try

Cali's food blends Spanish, indigenous, and African influences. Must-try dishes include:


  • Arroz atollado: a type of seasoned rice with meat .
  • Empanadas vallunas: empanadas made with potatoes and shredded beef.
  • Aborrajado valluno: fritters made with plantains and cheese.
  • Tostadas de plátano verde con hogao: green plantain fritters with salsa.
  • Tamales: meat, beans, or other fillings wrapped in corn dough and steamed.
  • Pandebono: cassava and cheese bread.


  • Manjar blanco: similar to dulce de leche 
  • Cocadas: coconut macaroons 
  • Cholado: a fruit-based dessert 
  • Champús: a drink made with corn, naranjilla, pineapple, cinnamon, and melado syrup.
  • Chontaduro: Cali’s most famous fruit.