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Partner Events


Make the most of your week in Seattle by attending our partner events. Coordinated by leading organizations in accelerating the circular economy, these events take a deeper dive into a range of topics that build on the Circularity 23 Program. 

Organization: The Recycling Partnership 

Event: The Recycling Partnership's 2023 Partner Meeting

Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 12pm ET

The Recycling partnership members-only meeting will focus on key takeaways from Circularity and translating them into actionable efforts in 4 key areas - Recycled Content, Recyclability, Smart Policy, and Policy Readiness - to meet collective goals. Not a member of The Recycling Partnership but want to learn about becoming one?  Contact us. 

recycling partnership

Organization: Upstream 

Event: The Reusies 2023

Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 12 pm ET

The Reusies celebrates the pioneers, trailblazers, innovators and game-changing heroes developing a better way than throwaway, advancing systematic change, and co-creating a world where we can get what we need and want without all the waste. 

Join us as we reveal the winners of The Reusies 2023 at this in-person viewing party with special guest appearances, followed by a live panel where we'll discuss the infrastructure, incentives and collaboration needed to help businesses and communities shift from single-use to reuse.

Presented live at Circularity and streaming online. Virtual viewers are invited to watch with us at The program will also be streamed live to YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Awards begin at 12pm ET, and the panel will begin at 1:20pm ET.



Organization: Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)  

Event: RILA Sustainability Committee & Zero Waste Network Meeting

Date: Monday, June 5th, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Members of RILA's Sustainability Committee and Zero Waste Network members are invited to convene in person to hear from industry experts and retail peers, network, and benchmark on topics such as product and packaging design approaches, goal setting and reporting, and cross-collaboration. 

For assistance or more information, contact Molly Auten at [email protected] 


Organization: Vancouver Economic Commission

Event: Going Circular In Cascadia

Date: Monday, June 5th, 3-4pm

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) designed this social event to catalyze collaborations among circular businesses and investors working in the circular economy in the Cascadia Innovation Corridor and will be especially useful for businesses looking to expand or seek new markets and connections across the British Columbia–Washington border.

The agenda begins with brief insights by ventures currently scaling their circular solutions across the border, as well as structured time for attendees to network, collaborate, and connect.



Organization: Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) 

Event: PACE Changemakers Roundtable

Date: Monday, June 5th from 9:00-10:30 am PT

In this cross-functional and cross-industry roundtable, we will explore the “how” of the circular economy for functional, sustainability, and circularity leaders, discussing the leadership actions and circular solutions that are required to catalyze this shift as we reach our half-way point to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 milestones for climate change. Key topics to be covered include circular visions and targets, essential leadership actions, and ecosystem partnership and engagement, and this session will build on the recently released Circular Economy Indicators Coalition (CEIC) Circular Target-Setting Guidance.

To register for this roundtable, please email [email protected]

Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)