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Building the Reuse Revolution

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Columbia C, Floor 3

What will it take to create reuse systems at scale? How can you prioritize, measure and future-proof reuse systems in your circular strategy?  

From city-wide initiatives to innovative retail programs, bold reuse solutions are gaining traction across industries and geographies. We know that effective reuse systems offer a host of environmental benefits — reducing waste generation, carbon emissions and even demand for new materials as they decouple growth from extraction and consumption. In recent years, reuse systems have also garnered attention for the benefits they can offer companies: opportunities to grow brand loyalty, improve customer experience and provide cost savings.

However, single-use models are strongly rooted in our economy. Factors like subsidies and the ease of sticking with the status quo allow single-use to retain its dominance. What will it take to provide the enabling conditions for reuse to succeed? What could a reuse-enabled future look like? Join this half-day tutorial to explore the infrastructure, incentives and collaboration needed to kick start the reuse revolution.

Tutorial Run of Show:

  • Welcome & Envisioning a Reuse World, presentation
    • Priscilla Johnson, Upstream
  • Creating the Enabling Conditions for Reuse, panel 
    • Moderator: Ellie Moss, Perpetual
    • Speakers: Sydney Harris, Upstream; Keiko Niccolini, PR3; Kate Daly, Closed Loop Partners
  • Break
  • In the Field: Corporate Collaboration to Scale Reuse, panel
    • Moderator: Kate Daly, Closed Loop Partners
    • Speakers: Caitlin O'Donnell Dillon, CVS Health; Chris McFarlane, Starbucks
  • Guided Networking
  • Reuse in Action in Seattle, panel
    • Moderator: McKenna Morrigan, City of Seattle
    • Speakers: Michael Martin, r.Cup; Jason Hawkins, Reusables; Jocelyn Quarrell, Bold Reuse
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