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Pop Culture, Policy and Pleather: The Revolution of Fashion's Business Model

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Quinnault, Floor 5

What trends in circular fashion are here to stay? What new ideas and innovations are on the horizon and how will upcoming policy impact these trends?

The crew from the sustainable fashion podcast Hot Buttons hosts a live discussion about the future of fashion on a changing planet. Dive into topical news, popular trends and broader themes as an evolving fashion industry and consumers contend with how we dress and the businesses that dress us.  

Christina Binkley, Rachel Kibbe and Shilla Kim-Parker are leading voices in sustainable fashion, producing articles, research and podcasts , at the intersection of fashion, culture and climate change. Christina (The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Business), Rachel (Circular Services Group, American Circular Textiles (ACT)), and Shilla (Thrilling, Closed Loop Partners) will strike a balance of grounded expertise, healthy skepticism and excitement as they unravel the latest trends and breakthroughs to advance circularity in fashion.

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