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Speaker Nomination


Submission Deadline: January 9, 2023


To build a just, resilient world that operates within planetary boundaries, we must transform our systems, structures and strategies. Tapping into new value chains and untold opportunity, today’s leaders are meeting this moment by reinventing how we make, sell and circulate products and materials. It’s time to unlearn linear systems. It’s time to move from extractive to regenerative. It’s time for the circular economy.

As the leading convening of professionals building the circular economy, Circularity 23 (June 5-7, Seattle, WA) offers thought-provoking keynotes, actionable breakouts, a solutions-oriented expo and unparalleled networking opportunities. Join the growing community of visionaries and practitioners to move beyond incremental action, catalyze systems change and accelerate the circular economy.

Where and When: June 5-7, 2023, Seattle, WA, Hyatt Regency

Audience: Circularity 23 will bring together thought leaders and practitioners across industries and value chains. This includes professionals working in corporate strategy, product design, manufacturing, sourcing, sustainability, waste management, finance, logistics, marketing and other functions, as well as entrepreneurs, nonprofits and trade associations, investors, academia and public agencies.

Nomination Process: To be considered for a speaking role at Circularity 23, please review the “What We Value” section and complete the submission form in its entirety. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, GreenBiz will only respond to nominations that we are interested in pursuing by no later than February, 2023.

We take a collaborative approach to content creation and will work with selected speakers to refine and evolve proposals for the Circularity audience — rarely will we accept nominations as-is. To learn more about last year’s program, please visit the circularity 22 program page.

Nomination Window: November 11, 2022 - January 9, 2023


What We Value

How and why: The “what” is interesting, but the “how” and the “why” are where the value lies for our audience.

Proof points: Bring your data, metrics and case studies to help us ground an aspirational circular economy in the reality of what’s actually happening today. Simply having a goal or interest in the circular economy is not sufficient grounds to warrant a speaking role — the program focuses on uplifting actionable insights and success stories (or failures we can all learn from).

Perspectives, not pitches: We emphasize peer to peer learning and content excellence. A speaking role in the Circularity 23 program is not an appropriate forum to pitch a product, service or solution.

Fresh and timely content: We focus on the latest trends, innovations and breakthroughs in this emerging industry, and prioritize speakers and sessions that bring new perspectives to the circular economy discussion.

Diversity & Inclusion: We are committed to fostering dialogue among, and elevating the leadership of, speakers with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. This includes maintaining gender parity among speakers and ensuring racial diversity in all programming. We also strive to offer content that holds an inclusive worldview, and create a culture of inclusion at our conferences. We’re specifically looking to prioritize speakers who are Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in the program, and appreciate your partnership in ensuring that the conference — and the industry — reflects the world in which we live.


Content Tracks

Highlighting what we need to unlearn about our current linear economy, how we will innovate to advance circular systems and the solutions that will accelerate the transition to a circular economy, Circularity 23 will address several cross-cutting themes — Design, Climate, Justice, Metrics, Finance and Collaboration — while framing the content and structure of the program around six tracks:

  • Business Innovation & Strategy
  • Next-Gen Products & Packaging
  • Circular Supply Chains
  • Enabling Policies
  • Materials Revolution
  • Stakeholders & Social Impact