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AI Unleashed: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Circular Economy

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Grand Horizon Ballroom A

What AI applications can you deploy to advance your circular strategies?

Artificial intelligence has taken hold on the imagination of innovators in every sector. Businesses everywhere are working to figure out how AI can benefit their industry. The same is true in circularity. New and emerging AI capabilities have the potential to revolutionize circular models, materials and other activities. This session will examine the specific steps organizations can take to roll out an AI strategy "for good," while minimizing some of the common risks of integrating AI. Experts will share their vision for a future where AI’s capabilities rapidly accelerate corporate circularity initiatives and climate action simultaneously. The session will include a hands-on exercise, using generative AI. Attendees interested in participating are encouraged to bring a device — laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

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