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Boosting Trust through Transparency: How Dynamic Labels Can Solve Consumer Recycling Confusion

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Columbia C, Floor 3

How can more transparent and straightforward information regarding recycling be shared with the public?

The patchwork recycling system in the US creates high variability across what is collected and recycled locally. Sixty percent of consumers are confused about how and what to recycle. This panel will explore the nuances of communicating effectively about recyclability, and the new partnerships, technologies and solutions putting information into the hands of consumers so they can make informed decisions.

Dive into the details of The Recycling Partnership’s newly launched Recycle Check, a label that dynamically evolves to provide consumers up-to-date information amid the changing policies and the national recycling landscape. Early adopters of this dynamic label will share how it can impact consumer behavior and where it will go from here.

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