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The Carbon Saving Power of New Business Models

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Columbia A, Floor 3

How can business model transformation unlock carbon emission reductions, and what does it take to measure success? 

As circular business models scale in intention and ambition, they hold the promise of reduced emissions — keeping materials, products and their embedded carbon in circulation. Yet reducing carbon emissions is by no means guaranteed.

More work is needed to clearly demonstrate the links between circularity and carbon savings. Carbon considerations must be intentionally integrated into the supply chain, product design and new business model development from the outset. What does it take to reduce emissions within circular business models? What circular strategies can drive the greatest carbon reductions, and how can you measure success? 

This conversation explores how diverse organizations are measuring and maximizing carbon impacts across circular revenue models such as resale, rental, product-as-a-service and remanufacturing offerings. 

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