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Designing for Circularity from the Ground Up

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Columbia D, Floor 3

How can you design for circularity from the ground up? What design principles and strategies should you leverage from the product level to the systems level and beyond?

Achieving circularity will require changes to every step of the linear life cycle, but it all starts with design. Keeping products and materials at their highest and best use, while ensuring long-term profitability through new business models requires embracing and embedding circular design priorities from the very beginning.

This half-day, interactive tutorial will explore what it takes to develop, embody and employ circular design principles that elevate products and brands while reducing material footprints. Hear from leaders across industries and take part in an interactive workshop as we uncover design principles and processes that can maximize circular potential.

Tutorial Run of Show:

  • Welcome & Using an Adaptive Strategy for Circular Design, presentation
    • Kenny Arnold, EMF
  • The Essential Circular-Product Design Principles, panel 
    • Moderator: Kenny Arnold, EMF
    • Speakers: Carmen Gama, Eileen Fisher Inc.; Tom Jackson, Cisco; Rhys Thom, Amazon
    • Break 
  • Endineering 101, presentation 
    • Joe Macleod, And End.
    • Break
  • Exploring Engagement Points, Interactive Workshop 
    • Facilitators: Nicole Bassett, Cascade Circular; Maura Dilley, Cascade Circular


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