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Digital Product Passports: Insights and Actions From the Field

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Room 501, Chiwawa

What are the benefits and challenges of digital product passports? How can this technology help advance circular solutions and strategies?

Digital product passports can help to close supply chain data gaps, providing information on raw material extraction, production and recycling. Simultaneously, they enable a host of benefits beyond supply chain transparency, including simplified take-back programs and reverse logistics, and more efficient materials management at the end of first use. With impending regulations and requirements set to roll out in the EU, understanding these innovations is essential. 

What opportunities and challenges do digital product passports afford? What emerging regulations, standards and certifications are pushing their adoption? What are the drivers and barriers to widespread implementation? Join this session to answer these questions and more as we learn about how digital product passports are working.

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