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Embedding New Business Models into Organizational DNA: Lessons from Resale

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Grand Horizon Ballroom B


How can you effectively advocate for and integrate circular business models into your organization’s operations? What does it take to garner support and alignment across all levels of the company?

While the business case for circular models continues to grow, transitioning away from traditional sales models has proven an uphill battle. Circularity has yet to be prioritized in the strategic roadmap of many companies — so what does it take to embed resale programs and other circular models into your organizational strategy? Join us to learn more about the internal change management required to prioritize circular business models and the strategic internal shifts that can secure buy-in for circular ventures across the whole organization. We will discuss how to navigate the complexities of team building, consumer experience management and logistics to successfully launch and maintain circular models. Join resale industry leaders as they share firsthand experiences of making the case to invest in and prioritize circular practices now.

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