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Forged for Fixing: Crafting a Repair Culture

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Room 501, Chiwawa

How can you elevate repair features and services in support of a growing repair culture? What business opportunities lie in meeting increased consumer demand for repairability while attending to the rise of repair regulation?

Shifting to a circular economy requires extending the life of products already in circulation and designing new products to be easily repairable again and again. Repairability — whereby products are designed for disassembly and modularity, and replacement parts are accessible and affordable — can help stem the tide of global waste generation.

Consumers are increasingly asking for repairable products. Community repair organizations have grown dramatically in the last decade, responding to a wave of consumer interest in repair. Meanwhile, global legislation is increasingly making some aspects of repairability mandatory. But for many businesses, repairability as a business model is uncharted territory. In this session, learn the value in designing for repairability, best practices for providing easy and accessible repair, and how to effectively communicate the social, economic, and environmental value of your repair programs.



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