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Formulated Products: Inspiring Innovation Through Green Chemistry

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Room 402, Chiliwack

How can safer, sustainable chemicals address global challenges related to health and the environment? 

Everything we see, touch, breathe and consume is made of chemicals — even ourselves. Chemicals are part of larger systems, circulating through natural and man-made loops. There is an increasing awareness of the need for sustainable and circular use of chemicals to improve health, safety and environmental outcomes. The design of everyday goods from household cleaners to personal care products, must take circular design principles into account to improve consumer experience, reduce waste and boost efficiency. From innovations in formulated products to unique packaging solutions, a green chemistry approach to product development is key to a circular economy. 

Learn from experts and brands working to improve the safety and sustainability of consumer products, driving green chemistry solutions for formulas and packaging.

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