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Material Innovators Showcase: Bringing Circularity into the Fold

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Room 512, Willapa

What are the latest material innovations in circular fashion? Which are coming to scale, and what will it take to elevate these emerging textiles to mainstream use?

The fashion industry is known to celebrate both creativity and innovation. However, fashion also has a major environmental footprint,  with 2,150 pieces of clothing tossed every second in the U.S. alone. Given that staggering amount of waste, circular innovation in the fashion industry is sorely needed.

Entrepreneurs and industry giants alike are exploring material innovations that can reduce fashion’s outsized impact on the planet. Renewable materials sourced through regenerative agriculture and textiles made from recycled materials offer just two of the myriad paths towards circular material in fashion. Join this exciting conversation to learn about a range of innovative materials poised to scale.

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