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Place-Based Solutions: Co-Developing Equitable, Circular Economies

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Room 502, Cowlitz

What does it take to design inclusive circular solutions with local communities? 

Across the country, accelerators that unite communities and the public and private sectors are collaborating to foster innovation and advance equitable solutions. The NextCycle Washington initiative is one such circularity accelerator in Washington state. It follows the successful implementation of this accelerator model in Michigan and Colorado. This program connects entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with technical support, financial resources and capacity building to advance local, circular solutions. A diverse group of community leaders helps to identify and lower barriers for circular ventures in underserved communities. From waste prevention to repair, reuse, recycling and waste management, NextCycle is supporting businesses co-designing circular solutions with community members at the center.

In this session, hear examples of inclusive and empowering co-designed circular solutions. Bring your questions for how to pursue similar strategies in your own community.


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