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The Playbook for Textile-to-Textile Recycling

9:00 am - 11:30 am

Room 512, Willapa

What will it take to create a resilient, scalable textile recycling ecosystem? 

Each year 100 billion new garments roll off production lines while an astonishing 92 million tons of textiles are sent to landfill. Beyond reducing production, it’s essential to close the loop on textile waste. 

But creating robust, resilient and scalable textile recycling will require interventions at each step of the textile value chain. What will it take to scale collection and sortation strategies? When should mechanical versus chemical recycling technologies be applied? How can existing systems transition feedstocks and fibers? Perhaps most importantly, what will it take to create collaborative cross-industry connections in service of a virtuous textile ecosystem? Join trailblazers and innovators from across fashion in this long-form workshop to discuss these questions and uncover a playbook for textile-to-textile recycling.

Workshop Run of Show:

  • Welcoming Remarks & Introduction to the Playbook, presentation
    • Karla Magruder, Accelerating Circularity
  • Collaborative Textile-to-Textile Systems, panel
    • Moderator:  Karla Magruder, Accelerating Circularity
    • Speakers: Alice Hartley, Under Armor, Shelly Gottschamer, Roots Corporation
  • Collecting & Sorting, panel
    • Moderator: Sarah Coulter, Accelerating Circularity
    • Speakers: Steven Bethell, Bank & Vogue; Agustina Mir, Sortile; Mark Marchioli, Goodwill
  • Break 
  • Recycling, panel
    • Moderator:  Karla Magruder, Accelerating Circularity
    • Speakers: Shannon Parker, Circ; Chad Bolick, UNIFI
  • Yarn & Fabric, panel & show and tell activity
    • Moderator:  Shelly Gottschamer, TreddleTree
    • Speakers: Cheryl Smyre, Parkdale Mills; Caitlyn Holt, Elevate Textiles
  • Closing Remarks & Lessons Learned 
    • Karla Magruder, Accelerating Circularity
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