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Talking the Talk: Effective Communication Strategies

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Columbia A, Floor 3

How can you effectively convey your circular strategies to investors, consumers and employees while avoiding greenwashing and creating shared language for success?

Companies are working to compellingly and accurately convey circular strategies to consumers, investors and employees — and the world is watching. Now more than ever, communicating circular commitments and claims externally is fraught with challenges and complexity: How much to say? How to say it? What not to say? What are the legal traps? And how can you avoid a dreaded accusation of greenwashing? 

This tutorial will include a mix of front-of-the-room speakers and hands-on "360-degree" assessments of circularity messaging case studies, with feedback from the consumer, media, legal voices and your peers. 

Tutorial Run of Show:

  • Welcoming Remarks
    • Joel Makower, GreenBiz Group
  • Consumer Insights, presentation
    • Suzanne Shelton, Shelton Group 
  • Mitigating Legal Risk, presentation
    • Lindsay Brewer, Covington LLP
  • Case Study: Communicating Circularity at the North Face, fireside chat
    • Moderator: Emily Chan, Edelman
    • Speaker: Carol Shu, The North Face
  • Breakout discussion & Networking Break 
  • 360-Degree Working Session: Business to Consumer Case Studies, interactive workshop & expert panel
    • Moderator: Joel Makower, GreenBiz Group
    • Speakers: Lindsay Brewer, Covington & Burling LLP; Lisa Christian, Point B; Danii Mcletchie, Carnicycle, Suzanne Shelton, Shelton Group
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