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Track and Trace: Navigating the Enabling Tech Landscape

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Quinnault, Floor 5

How can technologies such as product passports and RFID tags advance the circularity of your products and packaging?

From blockchain to machine learning, RFID tags to QR codes, watermarks to digital product passports: A growing number of tools and innovations help companies track materials and products through their life cycles. Tracking and traceability technologies enable myriad benefits including supply chain transparency, simplified takeback and reverse logistics and more efficient materials management. Wide adoption could be key to an effective circular economy that benefits businesses, customers and the planet — and with increased regulation requiring transparency and digital product passports, understanding these innovations is essential. 

This half-day tutorial dives into the landscape of tracking and traceability technologies to uncover how practitioners developing and leveraging them are building a more circular, sustainable ecosystems for their materials and products.

Tutorial Run of Show:

  • Welcome & Introduction
    • Heather Clancy, GreenBiz Group
  • The Landscape of Technologies, panel
    • Moderator: Heather Clancy, GreenBiz Group
    • Speakers: Natasha Franck, EON; Ravi Sharma, Digimarc; Lindsey Hermes, Avery Dennison
  • Break  
  • Deep Dive into Digital Product Passports, panel
    • Moderator: Heather Clancy, GreenBiz Group
    • Speakers: Alessia Falsarone, University of Chicago, Meghan McLane, Victoria's Secret
  • Break 
  • Digital Product Passports Role Playing, interactive exercise
    • Facilitators: Phil Brown, Circularise & Shyaam Ramkumar, Circularis
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