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What about Wood: Collaboration for Circular Lumber

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Room 502, Cowlitz

How are partnerships driving successful circular systems for wood? What can be gleaned from these achievements and applied to other markets?

Circularity programs and partnerships are turning up in many industries and places, and the lumber industry is no exception. Like so many other material flows, the production of wood, from harvest to final disposal tends to be linear. Some 145 million tons of waste (including wood, brick, clay and asphalt) from construction and demolition reach US landfills each year. This material has financial value and embedded carbon; reusing or recycling this waste could reduce the demand for raw natural resources.

Reclaimed wood from decommissioned water towers, salvaged local trees, abandoned houses, and construction waste streams are powering a new, circular economy for recycled wood. Hear from insiders leading two different partnerships that are reshaping the wood supply chain. These partnerships offer lessons for how businesses can leverage material waste, enable behavior change across communities, and scale robust, circular supply chains.

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