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Hopin 101

Electrify 23

How will Electrify’s online event work?

We are hosting Electrify on Hopin, an online events platform. As an attendee, you’ll be able to move in and out of rooms just like you would at an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections throughout. The Hopin platform includes live-streamed sessions, the virtual expo, networking features, and more!

Let’s get familiar with the Hopin platform!

Which browsers work best?

Using the latest versions of Google Chrome on your laptop or computer guarantees the best experience. Please try to avoid using Brave, Safari, Microsoft IE, or Edge. These browsers lack the web technology support necessary for online events to run in a browser.

Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience by blocking some of the Hopin interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome.

The six areas of Hopin:

There are six main areas in the Hopin platform where various types of events take place.

The left-hand side toolbar will help you navigate between:

1. Schedule

2. Stage

3. Sessions

4. Networking

5. Resources

6. Replay

7. Chat/Polls/People/Q&A

1. Schedule

The Schedule area is the welcome page or “lobby” of the event. Here you can quickly find out what’s currently happening at the event. Scroll down to also see Sponsors and the event’s daily Schedule.

electrify23 schedule screen shot

2. Stage

The Stage area is where our keynotes will take place.  Scroll down to learn more about the speakers.

electrify23 stage screenshot

3. Sessions

The Sessions area is where you will be able to join breakout sessions. If your breakout session also has networking, the networking will occur within the session. To join a session, simply click “Sessions” and then select the one you’d like to join.

electrify23 sessions screen shot

4. Networking

In the networking area, you can connect with other attendees via speed networking, search for people based on their job and interests and complete your profile. 

Complete your profile 

When you first join the People area, you will see a reminder in the panel on the right hand side that your profile is not complete. Click Complete your profile to add more information about yourself, as well as your interests. 

Adding this information will mean that you will show up in searches when other Attendees filter by specific interests or search for keywords. 


The networking feature is a great way to meet people within the event. You will be matched randomly with different people for a set amount of time. During these interactions you can choose to lengthen the call and even share contact details. 

Simply click Join now to get started!

Hopin networking screenshot

5. Resources

The Resources area is the virtual exhibitor hall with vendor booths in our event and serves as another great way to network. Click into booths to engage with organizations by either downloading their resources, watching their videos, video-chatting with representatives on live camera, or messaging them in their booth chat. 

If you’d like to search for a specific booth, please type the organization’s name in the search bar on the Expo page and their booth should appear.

VE Hopin Expo

6. Replay

Want to re-watch a breakout session? Click on the “Replay” area of the event on the lefthand side to view recordings of sessions. Recordings will be available 24 hours after the session ends.

Replay area

7. Chat/Polls/People/Q&A

On the right hand side of the screen chat, polls, people, and Q&A functions allow you to engage and interact with both the platform and with fellow attendees. Each one serves a different purpose.

Chats & People

Event chat — global event chat where all participants can post messages. 

Stage chat — chat with a Stage-related discussion all attendees have access to.

Session chat — each session in Sessions has dedicated chat rooms. Attendees who are off-camera can chat to interact with people on camera and vice-versa.

Booth chat — like Sessions, each booth has its own chat for group discussions and interaction.

Meeting chat — in Networking, a private 1:1 chat channel is available to the participants.

Direct messages — anyone can send messages to an individual at an event on Hopin via DMs in the People tab. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with within the People tab, click their profile photo, and send a direct message to them.

Polls and Q&A

Polls and Q&A will be accessible on our stage, during sessions, and at the expo.