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Nike Wellness Lounge

9:00 am - 4:10 pm

Paradise Ballroom 7-8

Power Flow 


Invigorate the body and prepare the mind for the day ahead with a challenging yet accessible class designed to build strength, flexibility, and alignment while staying present to the breath. 


Stretch + Ground


Create space to ground the body and mind through gentle stretching and suggested journal prompts to set intentions for the day.  


Guided Meditation


Drop into serenity with a guided meditation focused on calming the nervous system through focused breath and visualization. 


Yin Yoga


Turn inward through a series of restorative poses that target the connective tissue and help regulate the flow of energy in the body. 


Stretch + Reflect 


Unwind from a day of activity with gentle stretching and time for introspection and integration. 


Guided Meditation 


Cultivate peaceful awareness through a guided meditation focused on connecting with the present moment.    

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