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Sponsored: Delivering and Measuring Social Impact in a Climate-Focused World

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Arizona Ballroom BC

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation. Yet the need to address social issues such as affordable housing, access to healthcare or racial inequity has not diminished alongside that concern. Furthermore, climate change is expected to deepen social inequities and disproportionately impact vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. So what is a company's role in connecting these agendas? What is the relationship between social impact, climate risk and net-zero ambitions, and what can companies do to ensure their climate strategies do not have unintended social consequences and impacts? How can they better connect social impact to business strategies? Join EY and panelists to garner insights from leaders in this space and leave with actionable insights to drive social impact in your organization.

This session is sponsored by EY. Sponsored breakouts are sponsor-created and hosted sessions, created independently by the sponsor without input from GreenBiz. Please note that attendee contact information will be shared with the sponsoring company.

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