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Program Description

Learn more about GreenBiz 24 Topics, Tracks, and All-Access Pass.

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Track Descriptions

Learn more about GreenBiz 24's seven tracks. These tracks form the structure and content of the program, with a strong future focus and cross-cutting themes of social impact, justice and DE&I.

Mastering Scope 3

Measuring and reducing your organization’s Scope 3 emissions from supply chain to end-use. See Mastering Scope 3 sessions.

Regenerating Nature

Advancing strategies to halt biodiversity loss, advance ocean and freshwater stewardship and support natural systems. See Regenerating Nature sessions.

Transforming Value Chains

Rethinking how we source, manufacture, sell and distribute products and manage materials to align with circular principles and uphold human rights. See Transforming Value Chains sessions.

Leading Change

Strategies and skills that help you advance bold actions, strong governance and your career. See Leading Change sessions.

Finance & ESG

Aligning capital markets, investors, standards and metrics to drive a just transition to a decarbonized global economy. See Finance & ESG sessions.

Engaging Your Audience

Reporting data and sharing your company’s story with employees, customers, regulators, communities, activists, investors and leadership. See Engaging Your Audience sessions.

Getting Decarb Done

Technologies, strategies and business models to help achieve dramatic drops in carbon emissions. See Getting Decarb Done sessions.

Topic Descriptions

Topics are designed to highlight tutorials, breakouts and networking opportunities for GreenBiz attendees interested in Foundational (introductory) sustainability; Corporate Comms; and Water. Use Topics as a guide to delve deeper into your interests at GreenBiz 24.

Foundational Sustainability

Taking your first steps in sustainable business, or just launching a comprehensive sustainability program? Take away essential knowledge and tools to make a meaningful impact within your company.

Corporate Comms

Now more than ever, how companies communicate their sustainability and ESG goals and accomplishments externally is fraught with challenges and complexity: How much to say? How to say it? What not to say? Comms and sustainability professionals come together in this Core Pathway to share lessons learned and hear what's next in this complex field.


Solving wicked water problems is critical to economic development, business growth, social well-being and ecosystem health. Collaborate with experts to accelerate technology and policy innovation around water scarcity and poor quality, and ensure the availability of safe and affordable drinking water by all.

What's Included in your All-Access Pass

Access to all three days of GreenBiz 24, including half-day tutorials, keynote and breakout sessions, the expo, networking events, special programs and conference meals.


Half-day, deep-dive sessions guided by a moderator, each focused on a prominent topic in corporate sustainability and best practices to level up your company’s strategy.


Mainstage sessions on Monday and Tuesday featuring high-wattage conversations between notable sustainable business leaders on game-changing solutions and inspiring mindset-shifts. See all Keynotes.


Engaging, one-hour sessions led by experts addressing critical topics within the seven program tracks: Getting Decarb Done, Mastering Scope 3, Regenerating Nature, Transforming Value Chains, Leading Change, Finance & ESG and Engaging Your Audience. See all Breakout sessions.

Roundtable Meals

Interactive discussions over breakfast or lunch, moderated by an expert or thought leader, held at roundtables of up to 10 participants. All roundtable meals are first-come, first-served. See all Roundtable Meals.

Special Programs

Make the most of your GreenBiz 24 experience by participating in our special programs including yoga, desert hikes, executive coaching, field trips, workshops, the after party and more.

Networking Events

Networking breaks and evening receptions provide attendees with the opportunity to form valuable connections with the GreenBiz community and explore the latest sustainable business products and solutions at the Expo.