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Accelerating the Journey to Scope 3 Decarbonization: Factors Driving Success (Sponsored)

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Grand Canyon Ballroom 2-3-4

As investor, media, regulatory and corporate stakeholder attention shifts from net zero targets to actual progress, the challenges of measuring and reducing scope 3 emissions have exploded onto the agendas of sustainability teams and their peers in procurement. 

Most companies can’t meet their commitments without an accurate baseline and concrete reductions in Scope 3 emissions. It’s time to shift from 'ambitions to action on reduction’! Advanced carbon management practices like lifecycle analysis, measuring and sharing Product-Level carbon footprint, and advanced reporting have been beyond the reach of most companies - much less their suppliers. This session will detail a multi-faceted approach following a step-by-step carbon action journey.

This session is sponsored by EcoVadis. Sponsored breakouts are sponsor-created and hosted sessions, created independently by the sponsor without input from GreenBiz. Please note that attendee contact information will be shared with the sponsoring company.

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