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Roundtable Lunches

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Ballroom Lawn

Roundtable Lunches are interactive lunch discussions, moderated by an expert or thought leader, held at roundtables of up to 10 participants. These are freeform discussions, so bring your own challenges, questions, and ideas to talk through and get to know your fellow conference participants. All roundtable lunches are first-come, first-served. Below are the roundtable lunches being held at this time.

Smart Buildings Are Smart Business: Cut Costs and Energy Use While Improving Well-Being and Security - Table Host: John Peto, Deloitte

Beyond Compliance: Proactive Reporting Strategies Amid Regulatory Shifts - Table Host: Ben Herskowitz, FTI Consulting

Leveraging the Waste and Recycling Opportunity Within Your Sustainability Strategy - Table Host: David Rachelson, Rubicon

Using Data and Software Tools To Accelerate Your Climate Strategy - Table Host: Patrick Flynn, Working for Planet Earth

The Latest Carbon Market Guidance and What It May Mean for Buyers in 2024 - Table Host: Elizabeth Geller, 3Degrees

The Promise of AI for ESG - Table Host: Matthew Sekol, Microsoft

How Brands Can Effectively Involve Customers in CSR Strategies - Table Host: Savannah Lennertz, Adyen

Mobilizing Action: Establishing Financial Decision Frameworks to Move Beyond Climate Commitments - Table Hosts: Julie Hughes and Dan Sobrinski, WSP Global 

Prioritization of Decarbonization Activities Across Your Value Chain - Table Host: Chris Page, Equinix

How to Communicate with Confidence Amid the ESG Backlash - Table Host: Alona Rivord, Rainforest Alliance

Water and Energy: Strategies for Climate Action and Decarbonization - Table Host: Dr. Patrick Schultz, Veolia North America

What's the role of business in safeguarding democracy and capitalism? - Table Host: Jeff Senne, Sandbar Solutions

Ask a Carbon Trader: How to Get What You Pay For - Table Hosts: Yuhau Lin and Meredith Pickett, Morgan Stanley

How to Turn Your Compliance Exercise Into a Value Creation Opportunity - Table Host: Jenny Brusgul, Cohn Reznick

Decarbonizing Supply Chains To Reduce Scope 3 Emissions - Table Host: Joe Baker, IBM

Practical Carbon Reduction Strategies to Hit Net Zero - Table Host: Ryan Lynch, BSI

Mentorship Matters: Women mentoring women closes the workplace gender gap - Table Host: Maureen Eisbrenner, arbnco

Inner development: Developing the skills to realize sustainable development ambitions - Table Host: James Gomme, WBCSD

How To Talk about Nature and Biodiversity with Your Key Audiences - Table Host: David Jeffrey Ringer, Green Jay Strategies

Climate Justice & Clean Energy Projects - Table Host: Chris Johnson, Seneca Environmental

Is it Hot in Here, or Are my Pores just Clogged with Microplastics? - Table Host: Jon Smieja, GreenBiz Group

Investing in Impact: Corporate Collaborations for Forest Health With the National Forest Foundation - Table Host: Marcus Selig, National Forest Foundation

How to Apply Design Thinking to Your Scariest Sustainability Challenges - Table Host: James Bernard, Global Impact Collective

"Spill the Tea" with Gen Z: The Power of Youth in Advancing Your Goals - Table Host: Wawa Gatheru, Black Girl Environmentalist

Elevate, Collaborate, Stand Out: Keys to successful corporate sustainability partnerships with NGOs - Table Host: Judith Hochhauser Schneider, Global Impact Collective

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