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Roundtable Lunches

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Ballroom Lawn

Roundtable Lunches are interactive lunch discussions, moderated by an expert or thought leader, held at roundtables of up to 10 participants. These are freeform discussions, so bring your own challenges, questions, and ideas to talk through and get to know your fellow conference participants. All roundtable lunches are first-come, first-served. Below are the roundtable lunches being held at this time.

How to Set and Achieve Water Savings Goals with Smart Water Management - Table Host: Ben Slick, HydroPoint

Achieving Scope 3 Emissions Reduction at Scale Through Partnership and Collaboration - Table Host: Ryan Stippler, Bayer

Pro Tips on ESG Governance: Preparing for Reporting and Compliance Requirements - Table Host: Chad Breckinridge, Cisco

Communicating Your Carbon Credit Claims in a Post-COP28 World - Table Hosts: Christie Gamble, Cloverly; Rand Ekman, HKS

TNFD and Biodiversity: How to Evaluate Risks and Identify Nature-Positive Opportunities - Table Host: Boone Proffitt, Arcadis

Buying Carbon Credits with Zero Budget - Table Host: Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Impact Finance Center

Deploying Renewable Energy to Decarbonize Operations and Electrify Fleets - Table Host: Samantha Klug, Prologis

Emotional Intelligence for Resilient Leaders: Do you have what it takes to lead scalable change? - Table Host: Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Coaching

Achieving Energy Transition Goals Through the Power of Collaboration - Table Hosts: Chris Davidson, WestRock & Dave Smith, Schneider Electric

Criticism and uncertainty in the voluntary carbon market: How to make smart climate investments - Table Host: Jennifer Gerholdt, Native

Our Responsibility: A Look at Leaders in Restoration and Reforestation Work Globally - Table Host: Angela Peterson, One Tree Planted

Lessons Learned From Early FLAG GHG Efforts - Table Host: Ariella Sela & Dave Chaffin, Pure Strategies

The Private Sector’s Role in Accelerating Climate Justice: Introducing the Climate Justice Playbook - Table Host: Samantha Veide, Forum for the Future

Strategies and Habits to Maximize Success as a Sustainability Professional - Table Host: J.R. Siegel, Worldly

Retail, Returns and Sustainability: Minimizing Costs and Emissions of the Returns Process - Table Host: Zahra Biabani, In the Loop AI

Is ‘Offset’ a Four-Letter Word? Restoring Confidence in Carbon Markets to Get to Net Zero - Table Hosts: Emma Cox & Nick Deak, ClimeCo

Disconnected to DNA: Shifting Internal Accountabilities to Embrace Sustainable Business Practices - Table Host: Kelly Kim, WK Kellogg Co

State of Recycling: Gaps and Opportunities to Improve the US Recycling System - Table Host: Katherine Huded, The Recycling Partnership

Getting Real About the Challenges of Acting on Net Zero Commitments - Table Host: Abby Davidson, ENGIE Impact

What does Clean Beauty really mean? - Table Host: Sasha Calder, Geno

Implications of Child Labor in the Supply Chain - Table Host: Emma Giloth, BSR

The Economics of Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements and What to Expect in the Near Future - Table Host: Tom Flanagan, Constellation Energy

Navigating Disrupting and Being Disrupted in the Workplace - Bring Your Questions! - Table Host: Larissa Crawford

Will AI Take my Sustainability Job? - Table Host: Visvesh Sridharan, ERM

What it means to be a parent when you're confronting the climate crisis - Table Host: James Ball, GreenBiz Group

Climate vs. Environment vs. Ethics: The trade-offs of mining for a sustainable future - Table Host: Lauren Phipps, Yale School of Management

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