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Scope 3 Bootcamp

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Grand Saguaro South

Companies have tremendous power to drive emissions reductions throughout their supply chains, many of which span multiple industries and countries. Getting this right requires organizations to understand their Scope 3 emissions — where they are, how to track them, and how to reduce them. 

In this half-day, interactive tutorial, participants will hear from experts, practitioners and peers about what it takes to make meaningful action on Scope 3 emissions. Gain actionable insights on topics including:

  • Leading frameworks to calculate and quantify Scope 3 emissions
  • How to get started or deepen your Scope 3 journey
  • Where and how to improve data to drive impact 
  • Best practices on benchmarking, capturing and recording data
  • Techniques and processes to engage suppliers 
  • How Scope 3 fits into other sustainability goals and strategies
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