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Speaker Nomination


Submission Deadline: January 20, 2023


The climate crisis is upending the finance sector. ESG frameworks and rankings remain dynamic and unsettled, but, despite their imperfections, are impacting billions of investments and leading companies to develop new metrics to gauge their sustainability progress. But those sums are dwarfed by the hundreds of trillions needed to transition the global economy to become decarbonized and just. 

GreenFin 23 (June 26-28, Boston) will convene an influential audience of finance, investment and sustainability professionals to share insights, address key challenges and showcase leading sustainable financial products and services.

This year’s event will expand upon the first in person and invitation only GreenFin event in New York (June, 2022) where we convened 700 professionals from across the ESG ecosystem –– corporate sustainability and finance leads, asset managers and owners, banks, investor relations teams, policymakers, prominent ratings agencies and relevant NGOs.

Where and When 

June 26-28, 2023 –– The Omni Seaport, Boston, MA


More than 900 professionals from three key audience segments: corporate sustainability & finance, institutional investors and financial services firms. We also welcome representatives from allied organizations, including trade groups, topically relevant NGOs and ratings & rankings organizations.


The GreenFin audience is extremely high-caliber and we set a high bar for speaker proposals. The conference content consists of keynotes, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and facilitated networking. We emphasize peer-to-peer learning experiences throughout the conference program. We put a premium on showcasing leadership from a diverse range of speakers. 

The conference program features three session formats:

  • Keynote Talk — typically, a 10-minute solo presentation from the main stage, given by an executive or innovator sharing a breakthrough, achievement, insight or story that is inspiring, informative and thought-provoking. We look for cutting-edge ideas and engaging presenters (especially new voices and firms not already well known on the conference circuit). We are not interested in presentations intended primarily to promote a company, product or service.

  • Keynote Conversation — typically, a 15-20 minute mainstage conversation, facilitated by a skilled moderator. This can either be a one-on-one interview with a high-profile thought leader or C-level executive; or a lively discussion among two or three experts offering diverse viewpoints around a particular topic. No slides or presentations — this is a “talk show” format.

  • Breakout — a one hour panel conversation. Panels offer a moderated, in-depth discussion among a group of experts offering diverse viewpoints around a particular topic. Breakouts are outcome-based, intended to engage attendees as participants, not just as a passive audience.


We are interested in topics that are relevant to sustainable finance and investing, with a focus on large, mainstream companies. 

The following six tracks frame the structure and content of the conference program: 

  • ESG Ecosystem: How data is collected and used, and the roles of various players that rate, rank and assess company performance on social and environmental measures.

  • Transition Finance: The new finance mechanisms and models that can direct the necessary trillions of investments towards a just, net-zero world.

  • Corporate Reporting: The interaction among companies, investors and other stakeholders in meeting growing demands for disclosure and transparency.

  • The Investor View: The fast-evolving world of institutional investing, private equity and other investment vehicles in assessing and prodding companies to meet increasingly ambitious social and environmental goals.

  • Natural Capital: How ecosystem health, biodiversity and natural resource management are rising up the investor agenda, and how companies are responding. 

  • The Policy Landscape: How dynamic policy and regulatory developments across jurisdictions are shaping sustainable finance and ESG reporting. 


Who we want to speak

We invite proposals from speakers of all disciplines, backgrounds and perspectives. Our speakers are leaders in their fields, whether senior executives or visionary rising stars from the sustainability, finance and investment communities. 

The GreenFin audience is also interested in hearing from those outside of the sustainability department, including C-suite executives in such functions as risk management, finance and investor relations. We uphold a strong commitment to diversity throughout our conference program, including gender, race and ethnicity, as well as in background, areas of expertise and perspective.

What We Value

Creativity: We strive to expand participants’ conception of what the capital markets can do to further sustainability in the real economy. Our goal is to catalyze new ways of thinking, and as such we invite sessions that emphasize fresh ideas and new approaches to challenges in sustainable finance. 

Interactivity and peer-to-peer learning: We seek to foster dialogue, empower active learning and enable participants to spark new connections with fellow attendees. We prioritize breakouts designed to facilitate interaction over passive listening.

New and timely content: We focus on the latest trends, developments and tools executives need to successfully do their jobs and advance their careers, and strive to bring fresh initiatives, research and information to our audience. We are not interested in repackaged presentations given at other conferences.

Diversity: We prioritize participants with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. This includes our commitment to racial diversity and gender balance of our speakers.

How and why: The “what” is interesting, but the “how” and the “why” are where the value lies for the GreenFin audience.