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Sponsored: Corporate Water Action Funds to Help Solve an Escalating Crisis

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Momentum G

The global water crisis is both economic and humanitarian — an unmitigated risk to global supply chains, profits and the well-being of communities. A growing cohort of corporations is piloting a new approach to help solve this crisis: Leveraging investment capital to drive global water access, sanitation and hygiene projects — all while delivering returns. Through a portfolio of new investment funds, corporations are reaching beyond philanthropy to build meaningful collective action toward a water-positive future. Hear from organizations behind the Water Resilience Coalition investment portfolio, who will share learnings and explain why the strategy can have such a significant impact.

This session is sponsored by Ecolab. Sponsored breakouts are sponsor-created and hosted sessions, created independently by the sponsor without input from GreenBiz. Please note that attendee contact information will be shared with the sponsoring company.

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